Useful Advice on How to Win the Fight Against Acne

Useful Advice on How to Win the Fight Against Acne

There are many drugs which are used in order to treat acne. Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A (creams which can be applied on the skin) and are involved in the process of epithelial regeneration. There are products that are taken orally (swallow), used especially in severe forms. When it is recommended the use of retinoid: certain types of acne, most often those with hyper secretion of sebum, the sebum retention (very substantial) and accompanied by pore inflammation of the sebaceous gland.

Oral contraceptives are intended to counteract the effect of androgen and therefore are only open to women. Their use is felt in 2-4 months. Depending on the form of the disease, after examining the patient and ultrasound of the ovaries in collaboration with a gynecologist, dermatologist doctor decide whether or not the patient has to take pills. Antibiotics exist both as typical preparations, as well as oral products. The main effect is to remove “the bacterium Propionibacterium “.

Antibiotics do not act upon other underlying causes of acne and therefore the treatment can take weeks and even months until the first results appear. Treatment with antibiotics is necessary when the number of follicles infected is high. Treatment duration is variable, depending on the drugs used and the severity of the disease. Before beginning any treatment, you ask your doctor about how long it is and the chances of success.

Also, people with acne should respect a number of prohibitions: not to use degreasing substances, not to use sulfur containing products, not to use antibacterial soaps, local antibiotics should not be used other than with erythromycin or clindamycin, and they may only be used at the recommendation of the physician, there are studies which clearly show their uselessness.

If you wash your face too often, acne can get worse.
Acne is caused by poor hygiene. In contrast, an “excess of hygiene” favors also acne. Soap or other cleaning agents used on skin with comedoms lead to excessive dehydration, so in the increase of sebum and decreased elasticity.
On the other hand, it is clear that you must wash your face even if you have acne: you need to do it only with warm water and wiping is done only by tamping, using a clean towel all of this after the proper treatment is carried out.
Acne is caused by a poor diet

There is currently no evidence to indicate any relationship between diet and acne. But you should know that addictive products such as – alcohol, coffee, drinks containing caffeine, spicy foods and chocolate – favor the acne. Also, smoking favors acne. If you think a particular food cause pimples, the solution is very simple: quit that food. However, you should know that, if the acne is treated properly, you do not need to worry about the food that you eat.

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